Can sex affect my mobility?

In a word, yes! Sex can be extremely helpful in increasing mobility. You essentially have a partner to assist you in stretching out. However, if you are  on the slightly less mobile side we recommend these tips for a more gentle way of hitting the spot.

1. Using a pillow or a wedge and lying on your front with the pillow offering support and elevation to your hips, this will allow your partner to take you from behind without the tension in your groin becoming painful.

2. Get on top of your partner laying down and straddle them, using the support of their body to keep you nicely propped up.

3. Let them get down on it. 88% of partners were asked if they like or would like to incorporate this in to their bedroom antics. Chances are your lover is giver too.

4. Side by side. Spooning offers a nice and gentle session in the sack! Fully supported by the bed and invites extra closeness and cuddling.

5. Sex swing chair. It's out there we know, but it is an absolute pleasure to feel suspended and supported. It really helps if your partner is handy with the tools though, not that tool, but you can't exactly ask your father to put it up can you now?

6. Go old fashioned. Good old missionary position. You don't have to bend every other which way as lovers throughout the ages will attest to missionary as being the all time go to.

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