Travelling with sex toys can be a bit tricky. Whether for a romantic getaway or personal comfort, knowing how to handle your intimate sidekicks is key for a smooth journey. Wondering if you can take a vibrator on a plane or how to navigate airport security? You’re not alone.

This guide covers everything you need to know about travelling with sex toys — from choosing discreet options and packing them securely to dealing with airport checks and respecting local laws. Let’s dive in and make sure your travels are worry-free and as exciting as they should be.

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The Best Sex Toys for Travel

When it comes to travelling with sex toys, selecting the right ones can make all the difference. Here are some of our recommendations for travel-friendly options that offer discretion and convenience.

Mini and bullet vibrators are perfect for travel thanks to their compact size. These vibrators are small enough to fit in your hand, making them easy to pack and hide in your luggage. Many smaller vibrators are either battery-operated or USB-rechargeable, providing flexibility for charging on the go. Also, despite their small size, these vibrators can still deliver powerful vibrations, making them effective and discreet.

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If you’re interested in combining pleasure with pelvic floor exercises, kegel balls are a great option. These small, non-intrusive toys are easy to transport and come in various materials, including silicone, metal, and plastic. Kegel balls are functional and fun, covering all bases during your trip.

More discreet dildos are another great way to easily ensure you can enjoy sex toys while you’re abroad. Look for smaller sizes that are easier to pack and less likely to draw attention, like MIKI, our G-spot vibrator. Body-safe silicone or other flexible materials are best for comfort and easy packing.

Legal Considerations

Let’s take a moment to cover the most serious topic when it comes to travelling with sex toys. Understanding the legal landscape of your destination is essential to ensure your safety. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Research Local Laws: Laws regarding sex toys can vary widely between countries. Some places have strict regulations or even bans. Before you depart, use online resources and forums to research the legality of sex toys in your destination. Websites of local embassies can also provide useful information.
  • Customs Regulations: Be aware that customs officials have the authority to inspect your luggage. Sex toys could be confiscated if they are deemed illegal or inappropriate. To increase your chances of having a smooth experience through airport security, pack your sex toys in non-transparent pouches or cases. Avoid leaving them loose in your luggage.
  • Travel Documentation: To ensure you’re prepared for anything, keep a list of emergency contacts, including local embassies, in case you need assistance with customs or legal issues. If you’re travelling to a non-English speaking country, consider having translations of relevant laws or product descriptions to assist in any discussions with local authorities. Lastly, in the worst-case scenario, be prepared for the possibility of having your items confiscated. Know your rights and the appropriate steps to take if this happens.

We know this might all seem a little too serious — after all, what’s the harm in wanting to use your bedroom favourites to have a little fun abroad? In most destinations, you won’t have to worry about legal concerns and the risk of having your toys confiscated. But, it’s important to be aware of these factors in case you are going to a country with more strict regulations so that you’re as prepared and protected as possible.

Packing your Sex Toys

Packing your sex toys discreetly and securely can be the key to making sure you have a stress-free travel experience. Here are some tips to help you pack your intimate items in the best way.

Discreet Packing Tips

When you’re packing sex toys, your privacy is key. Here are a few methods to make sure your toys remain discreet and protected:

  • Use Non-Transparent Pouches or Cases: Storing your sex toys in coloured pouches or cases can prevent them from being easily identified during luggage checks.
  • Separate from Other Items: Pack your sex toys separately from other items to avoid accidental exposure when opening your luggage. Using a dedicated compartment or bag within your suitcase can help maintain privacy.
  • Remove Batteries: If your toys are battery-operated, remove the batteries before packing to prevent them from accidentally turning on during your trip. For rechargeable toys, make sure they’re fully charged but switched off.
  • Label for Privacy: If you’re concerned about security personnel opening your luggage, consider using labels on your storage pouches, such as "personal care" or "medications," to maintain privacy without drawing attention.

Safety and Hygiene

Maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of your sex toys while travelling is essential. Here are some tips to keep your toys safe and sanitary:

  • Clean Before You Pack: Make sure all your sex toys are thoroughly cleaned before packing them. Use toy cleaners or mild soap and water to remove any residue. Dry them completely before storage to prevent bacteria growth.
  • Pack Cleaning Supplies: Bring along small bottles of toy cleaner or disinfectant wipes to clean your toys after each use during your trip. Many shops offer travel-sized cleaning products that are easy to pack.
  • Use Storage Bags: Store each toy in its own bag or pouch to prevent cross-contamination. This is especially important if you’re bringing multiple toys.
  • Consider Material: Be mindful of the materials your toys are made from. Some materials, like silicone, are easier to clean and maintain than others. Choose toys that are non-porous and body-safe for the best travel experience.

Airport Security: Common Questions

Travelling with sex toys can bring up a lot of questions, especially when it comes to airport security. In this section, we’ll address the most common concerns people have.

Can you take a vibrator on a plane?

This is actually one of the most common questions when it comes to travelling with sex toys, and we’re happy to announce that the answer is yes! Both the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the US allow sex toys in both carry-on and checked luggage. However, there are some guidelines to follow. You can pack your sex toys, including a vibrator, in either carry-on or checked luggage. If you’re concerned about privacy, the safest bet is to store your toy in checked luggage.

What should I do if my bag is selected for an additional search?

If your bag is selected for an extra search, stay calm and respectful. Security personnel are trained to help and will handle your belongings discreetly, so you don’t need to worry. If you are asked about a toy in your bag, a simple explanation such as “It’s a personal massager” will usually be accepted.

What if my sex toys are confiscated?

It’s rare, but if your sex toys are confiscated, the most important tip to remember is to stay calm. Politely ask for a receipt or other form of documentation about the confiscation, and then explore options to make a claim or inquiry later.

Here are a few more tips to ensure a hassle-free experience at airport security:

  • Travel During Off-Peak Times: Airports are usually less crowded during off-peak times, which can make the security process quicker and less stressful.
  • Carry documentation: While it’s really rare, having the user manual or proof of purchase can help explain the purpose of your items if you are questioned.
  • Prepare for Language Barriers: If you’re travelling to a non-English speaking country, consider carrying a translated note explaining the nature of your toys to avoid any misunderstandings.

In-Flight Considerations

While the idea might seem exciting, it's best to avoid using sex toys on a plane. Aeroplanes are confined spaces with little privacy, and the potential for turbulence makes it risky. Also, even the quietest toys can be noticeable in such a cramped environment, which could lead to uncomfortable situations with fellow passengers and flight attendants. Waiting until you reach a more private and stable environment, like your hotel room, ensures both your and other travellers’ comfort.

Considering in-flight comfort, it’s important to think about the noise levels of your toys. For battery-operated toys, make sure the batteries are removed or the toy is switched off to prevent accidental activation. This not only maintains privacy but also conserves battery life. Being considerate of those around you is essential; the confines of an aeroplane mean that noises and movements can easily disturb others.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, take care of your sex toys to keep them in good condition. Clean them thoroughly before use, as aeroplane environments are not the most sanitary. Use a good toy cleaner or mild soap and water. Store your toys in a clean, dry place at your destination, using the provided storage bags or cases to keep them in optimal condition. Keeping your sex toys accessible but discreetly stored in your accommodation ensures they are ready for use without drawing attention from housekeeping staff or other guests.

Final Tips and Recommendations

Travelling with sex toys can be straightforward and stress-free with a bit of preparation. While most travels go smoothly, it's always good to be prepared for unexpected issues. Familiarise yourself with your rights as a traveller, particularly with customs and personal items — knowing what to expect can help you stay calm and handle situations more effectively.

Having a plan is also helpful. Know who to contact, such as local embassies or consulates, and have all necessary documentation easily accessible. In case of any issues with authorities, document everything — keep receipts, take notes of conversations, and, if possible, get written documentation from officials. This can be crucial if you need to follow up on the issue later.

Hearing from others who have successfully travelled with sex toys can be reassuring and provide practical insights. Many travellers share their experiences online, offering valuable tips on navigating airport security, customs and local attitudes. These communities can be a great resource for learning from others' experiences. If you encounter a problem, don’t be discouraged. Use it as a learning experience to better prepare for future travels.

Adjust your packing and preparation strategies based on what you’ve learned, and remember that confidence can go a long way in dealing with any travel situation. Stay positive and remember that travelling with sex toys is becoming increasingly common, and most people, including security and customs officials, will treat your items with professionalism and respect.

When it comes to choosing travel-friendly toys, opt for smaller, more discreet options that are easier to pack and less likely to draw attention. Also, investing in quality storage solutions, such as discreet pouches and sturdy cases, can protect your toys and maintain your privacy. Look for storage options that offer both protection and discretion.

Staying informed is also important — keep up to date with the latest travel guidelines and regulations related to carrying sex toys. Rules can change, and staying informed will help you avoid any surprises. Lastly, always be mindful of local customs and cultural attitudes, as respecting these norms not only helps you avoid trouble but also shows consideration for the places and people you are visiting.

Your Perfect Travel Companion Awaits

Travelling with sex toys doesn't have to be complicated or stressful. With the right preparation, you can bring your favourite toys along for the journey without any hassle. From understanding the types of travel-friendly toys and navigating airport security to respecting local laws and customs, you should now have all of the essential tips and information you need.

Remember, the key to a smooth experience is discretion, preparation, and respect. By following the advice in this guide, you can travel confidently and enjoy your adventures, knowing that your personal items will be respected.

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