Our Commitment to Sustainable Business

This policy outlines Bed Nerdz’ intent to work in a responsible and sustainable way. It sets out the policies which guide our operation and our overall approach to the five key areas of sustainable business: People, Communities, Ethics, Environment and Quality.

CSR and Sustainability are terms used often, and often misunderstood. They are also fast-moving concepts - subject to continuous change as global understanding of these areas improves and the bar is raised higher. Due to this, we do not claim to have all the answers. However, we do believe we have the right attitude and the very best intentions - and firmly commit our business always to change and improve whenever new ideas show us better ways of working.

1. Our People

Bed Nerdz is passionate about its people and believes strongly that we can only meet our business objectives through a well trained, empowered and motivated workforce who also enjoy working with us. We aim to be a fair and respected employer, one valued by its employees.

Bed Nerdz will offer fair and equal employment opportunities for all - regardless of gender, race, religion, or age. We will provide a good quality working environment, with comfortable facilities, the most appropriate technology and equipment, and individual attention to career planning and support. We will always provide the right level of health and safety equipment and training. We aim to not just meet, but exceed, the necessary legislation. We will communicate properly our company aims, values and objectives, and consult our people about all relevant issues.

2. Our Community

We intend to operate our business to the highest standards. This also affects our behaviour in respect of the community in which we operate and other organisations with which we come into contact. In our local area, we will seek actively to be involved in community projects and initiatives, business mentoring and charity contributions, to extend our value to the local economy and community. We will engage constructively and shape our activities so that our business is always regarded as a valued and listening contributor to local life.

Bed Nerdz’ view our local community as an asset and one in which we should fairly invest and give-back through wide ranging means. Ultimate measurement is demonstration that our community is enhanced as a result of the Bed Nerdz business operating within it.

3. Our Ethics

We will apply the highest possible business ethics in all our supplier relationships focusing on integrity, professionalism and standards. An important aspect of our work involves buying materials in overseas marketplaces. Wherever we buy, we will apply the same high standards that we apply to our own local operation plus additional diligence in relation to the pertinent additional risks.

All Bed Nerdz personnel responsible for supplier relationships will ensure all suppliers have completed our CSR Code of Conduct prior to achieving ‘approved supplier’ status. It is of paramount importance that our supply chain adheres to the highest ethical standards and we work closely with 3rd party auditors to undertake ethical audits of our supplier facilities to ensure they meet our expected standards.

4. Our Environment

Bed Nerdz seeks to operate its business in a sustainable way, which minimises our impact on the environment. We operate a process of continuous improvement that reacts quickly to new advice and will always seek to apply the most up to date standards.

Internally the approach manifests itself through the intelligent and minimal use of resources such as energy and water and effective waste handling, promoting multi-material recycling with zero-tolerance to landfill. Externally we shall ensure that product suppliers hold similar values and have a process-driven approach in this area.

Bed Nerdz will work to the standards of ISO 9001, the internationally accepted standard for development and execution of an effective Quality Management System.

5. Our Quality

Bed Nerdz recognises Quality is the cornerstone of our business. Without the provision of a quality service and quality products we will not have a sustainable business.

Bed Nerdz will have quality-orientated objectives which shall be regularly reported, analysed and reviewed. Product sourcing quality comprises both Quality Assurance and Quality Control. QA is the “designing-in” of quality prior to manufacture through the pertinent testing of a particular product to relevant standards. QC is the post-manufacture control of this, minimising the risk of sub-quality product reaching consumers. Audit logs of QA and QC checks employed will be maintained for all sourcing activity.”