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Six sides, six opportunities for new erotic discoveries. Perfect for pairs, use our Signature Sex Dice to add some pl...



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Looking for some toys to continue your bedroom adventure? Our curated sex toy gift boxes pair excellently with our Signature Sex Dice, ensuring the waves of ecstasy never end.

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At Bed Nerdz, we understand the excitement of receiving your new toys and erotic gifts. That’s why we’ve made our delivery process as smooth as possible, ensuring your order reaches you quickly and discreetly.

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What are Signature Sex Dice?

Signature Sex Dice are a playful and adventurous addition to your bedroom activities. Each die features six sides, offering six opportunities for new erotic discoveries. Perfect for couples, these dice add an element of surprise and excitement to your love life.

How do I use Signature Sex Dice?

Using Signature Sex Dice is simple and fun! Roll the dice and let the symbols or actions on each side guide your intimate activities. Whether it's kissing, massaging, or trying something new, let the dice inspire you to explore new avenues of pleasure with your partner.

Can I use Signature Sex Dice alone or with a partner?

While Signature Sex Dice are designed for use with a partner, you can absolutely use them solo as well. Let the dice guide your solo play, and explore new ways to indulge in self-pleasure and discovery.

Are there any safety precautions I should take when using Signature Sex Dice?

As with any intimate product, it's essential to prioritise safety and hygiene. Ensure that the dice are cleaned before and after each use. Additionally, communicate openly and honestly with your partner about your boundaries and desires when incorporating the dice into your intimate activities.

Do you offer any additional resources or tips for using Signature Sex Dice?

We're committed to enhancing your intimate experiences and providing you the tools you need to explore new levels of pleasure. Stay tuned to our blog for expert tips, creative ideas, and inspiring stories on how to make the most of your Signature Sex Dice.