The key to sexual wellness

The benefits of masturbation

Sexual wellness is the new hot topic on everyone’s lips. Why has it taken so long for us to come round to the idea of self-love-indulgence when we consume everything else so easily. Lockdown brought us closer to this when many of us were unable to rely upon a partner and indeed for the ones who had a partner, the added time together gave us many new opportunities to explore each other better. The taboo is gradually diminishing and we are understanding how crucial for our emotional and physical well-being, play and pleasure can be. Covid may have been a catalyst but social channels and Gen Z are continuing to blaze a trail and understanding the key to sexual wellness. We now have a growing understanding of the joys behold at just a touch. We aim to tear down the walls and barriers that have held sway. To smash through the social taboos of self-care so that everyone can lead a happier and healthier lifestyle. Away with the feelings of naughtiness, guilt and taboo. It is a right we are all worthy of. Everyone deserves to know exactly what gets them off. Don’t feel abashed…give it a bash!

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