Pleasure positivity

We pass the vibe check

It’s high time we had discussions around sex and pleasure. Sex is as natural as the air we breathe and the water we drink. It can also be extremely pleasurable. Our ethos is to pull back the sheets on the conversation of sex. We want to move it from the back alley sex shops to the front of the arena. Where we all feel respected. With our stand out design and playfulness , our products have the attention of leading media outlets and publicists. Our brands aim is for you to be able to talk with your friends about Bednerdz products as candidly as we can about which way you like our eggs in the morning!

Safety and quality standards are held in the strictest regards. Our high end suppliers hold the same shared values to deliver premium products that are 100% body safe.

We continually study trends , as well as the research we collect from our customers, to bring you constantly evolving products, designed with our anatomies datum to produce ergonomic shapes that can really hit the spot. There’s something for everyone at Bednerdz.

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